Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Learning 'Touch typing' in Colemak my way - part 1

So I've thought of improving my speed, I've lost a good opportunity because my workflow isn't efficient and its not fast enough. I felt improving my typing speed would be a good idea, correct? Well, I don't know let us see, a bit more speed wouldn't kill.

Colemak is a good alternative to qwerty. I always try new stuff out, so Colemak it is!

I liked Josh Kauffman's article about touch typing. It's actually a chapter in his book. Thanks to him for summarizing it for us. He says he learned to type well in 20h or so of practice, pretty fast for me I thought. I usually do stuff in twice the time :p, but let us try first.

I'm trying to do what he did:

  • I use fedora, so it was pretty easy to change the layout to Colemak. It's in the System > Preferences > Hardware > Keyboard.
  • I did not change my keys, I was afraid I was gonna damage the keyboard. Touch typing is about typing without seeing, no help here.
  • I also changed my android keyboard layout to colemak and now am starting to use Fleksy keyboard. I thought of reducing intereference.
  • My target is 60WPM with around 90% accuracy. My previous speed was just 44WPM, 86.31% accuracy, but I'll try to go higher.
  • I took his advice and tried out keyzen, his version actually. 
  • Practicing 45 mins before sleep check.
  • I could not switch to Type-Fu, because it costs money end of story. hehe.
  • I will continue practicing on keyzen and continue my practice with Type racer as it is free and is similar to type-fu. Yes, I like opensource and community stuff a lot!
  • to be continued ...

Its been 9 hours so far averaging a speed of 34 wpm in type racer races, have a look:

TypeRacer.com scorecard for user f00lest


Trying to do 10 mins on type racer + 10 mins on keyzen and then 10 mins of rest, no scientific formula here, I get frustrated / bored too easy so keeping myself interested.

part 2 >>

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